Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life 2012 Demo Album Release By Shade Law Guest Film Footage By Ryo Utasato and Snordelhans

Fabulous...Excellent....Highly Recommended!

Life 2012 Demo
Album Out Now

"The I" Film Introduction (production not on Album) By Patrick
Heretic Productions "The I"
(will not be on Album) Graphic Still "Man In Rain" and "Dark Eye" from Patrick's Film "The I" and "Lessons From Nature"

Other Graphics By Peace, Viola and Sixx from FriendBurst

"Life 2012"

Track 1: Wake Up By Shade Law
Track 2: Life 2012 By Shade Law
Track 3: Aware By Shade Law
Track 4: Inner Domain By Shade Law
Track 5: Life Australian By Shade Law
Track 6: Freedom By Shade Law
Track 7: Fire By Shade Law
Track 8: Someone Save Me 2012 Shade Law and P Eric Bailey
Track 9: Peace By Shade Law
Track 10: Life Force By Shade Law

The most common way people give up their power
is by thinking they don't have any.~Soft Hugs ~ Peace

Film Clips
360 Degrees HD Timelapse in HD
Timelapse view of the milkyway from Chile in HD
Australian TimeLapse Montage in HD
Time Lapse footage [1080p+HD]
Dubai 2020 time lapse HD
Dubai Rotating Tower in HD
Future in 2050 in HD
Time Lapse Flowers in HD
New York City Time Lapse in HD
Japan's fwy Time Lapse in HD
Lune Muzik Film and Music Ryo Utasato

Classical / World / Soundtrack
Shade Law of Devotions Recording

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